Photocopies of the following documents should be brought to the interview:

  • The student's/child's most recent reports if he/she has already been enrolled in school.
  • Examples of work of the child's/student's school work in the form of exercise books/ project reports/ portfolios etc.
  • Proof of birth in the form of passport / birth cerificate as certificate detailing the same from the previous school
  • The registration fee is payable before the child/student can be assessed for the entry.

Interview is held in an informal pleasant and congenial ambience. The Head Mistress/ Pro-vice Chairperson, a senior academic faculty member and the counselor-psychologist would be present during the interview. Interview is conducted for the sole intention to learn about the child's/ student's educational development, use of language, social skills, academic inclination and co-curricular hobbies.